“The Princes of Serendip are beguiling in a way uniquely their own, with a sound at once both classic and whimsical, presenting lovely original songs that infiltrate your mind with a payload of substance few see coming – more reminiscent of the Incredible String Band perhaps than of more standard folk acts.”Flying Cat Music

 Serendip OrchestraSerendip Orchestra

The Princes of Serendip present
An Evening with the SERENDIP ORCHESTRA

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20 years in the making  . . . 76 minutes of music . . .  (that’s almost 4 minutes per year)

Irv Yarg on Serendip Orchestra: “I am the dream imagining myself in sound”. (Read more…)
Charles Lyonhart on Serendip Orchestra: “Sgt. Pepper meets Incredible String Band!”

Serendip Orchestra is on sale online and at the following local stores:
Woodstock Music Shop
Golden Notebook, Woodstock
Winter Sun & Summer Moon, Rhinebeck
Oblong Books & Records, Rhinebeck

Featuring some of T. G. Vanini’s most exotic, eclectic and operatic songs, accompanied by a virtual orchestra of electronic and acoustic instruments, animals and birds.

At John Herald Fund benefit, Harmony, Woodstock, January 7, 2012 (thanks to Stefan Lisowski for the photo – see his website at www.warui.com)

T. G. Vanini has composed the music for the short documentary film “Plimpton 322: The Ancient Roots of Modern Mathematics”, written and narrated by his alter ego, Professor Laurence Kirby. Watch the movie, or just the trailer, at Laurence Kirby’s webpage.

Plimpton 322

Watch our music video The 7 Deadly Plastics:



“The Princes’ music is difficult to describe . . . Folk, New Age, and classical influences can all be detected, as well as lyrics that Lewis Carroll and Ogden Nash would envy.”
Cheryl A. Rice, Hudson Valley Folk Guild



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